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Moreliquid Money Market EUR (MMMEUR)

Tokenising HSBC Euro Liquidity Fund

Floating Rate Notes
Last Updated - 23rd March 2024

The Moreliquid Money Market EUR (MMMEUR) token provides liquid exposure to Euro Money Markets by investing in the HSBC Euro Liquidity Fund.*

The objective of the MMMEUR Token is to provide investors with the assurance of capital security, while also delivering liquidity and returns that align with the stability of Euro Money Markets. Euro Money Market Funds are renowned for their low-risk profile, offering investors stability and predictability through investments primarily focused on short-term, fixed and floating-rate EUR securities with brief interest durations.

Managed by a global asset manager, the MMMEUR Token stands out for its innovative approach and impressive scale, with assets in the underlying money market fund currently exceeding EUR 21 billion. Its investment strategy follows rigorous criteria, encompassing short-term maturities of 397 days or less, high credit ratings, and listings on recognized markets. MMMEUR Token holders gain access to a diversified portfolio of these meticulously chosen instruments.

Underlying Information

Investment offering

Moreliquid Management Sàrl

Underlying tokenised fund

HSBC Euro Liquidity Fund




Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Min. Investment Amount


Targeted annual yield

Variable Coupons, payable monthly

Reference benchmark

Euro Short-Term Rate (€STR)

Maturity Date




Accepted Currencies


Account Bank

Citibank Europe PLC


0.2% p.a.

Key Benefits
  • MMMEUR is the first tokenised Euro Liquidity fund, allowing investors fast, secure, and cost-efficient access to Euro Money Markets.
  • The fund has demonstrated robust financial performance for the last 22 years, achieving impressive APY returns.
  • With an S&P rating of AAAm and a Moody's rating of Aaa-mf, MMMEUR underscores its commitment to maintaining a high level of credit quality within its portfolio, providing an additional layer of security for investors.
  • MMMEUR is an attractive choice for investors seeking competitive yet secure short-term investments.
  • The significant majority of this portfolio will be invested in the HSBC Euro Liquidity Fund, a UCITS V compliant fund actively managed under the laws of Ireland, and more particularly in the share IE0030028439. In addition, a small portion will be kept in USDC and EUR for liquidity purposes.

Fund details available by clicking here on the HSBC Euro Liquidity Fund landing page

Fact Sheet

For EEA Investors

Product Details


Moreliquid Management S.à r.l.

Token Type



Smart Contract

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